Chinook Series

Want a great way to keep warm during the cold month of February? A chinook is heading your way for two hot weeks this month at the ATB Financial Arts Barns!

The 2018 Chinook Series is a collection of 7 different performance and art streams so there are many opportunities for you to experience something new. Check out all of the info through this link: or keep reading below to hear a selection of the pieces being presented this year!

  1. Black Arts Matter (BAM!), a multidisciplinary festival celebrating and serving Edmonton’s Black artists, have many shows, including “Black Girl Magic: Sunkiss X The Gathering”, an album release of “Infinite Mercies” from Edmonton based poet Brandon Wint, and “Oozeela/Iola/Selassie”, a hip-hop show infused with Afrobeat and poetic rhyme.
  2. Canoe2018, from Workshop West Playwrights Theatre, will feature shows like “Broken Tailbone”, an interactive Latinx dance lesson with hilarious and moving stories from Carmen Aguirre and “AMP”, a solo multi-media horror play about societies monsters.
  3. Azimuth Theatre’s Expanse invites you to be moved with body-made art, including “The Lobbyists”, a collaborative, multi-narrative art performance party, and “Paradise”, a fascinating interaction of text and imagery about finding humanity inside systems that cage us all.
  4. Fringe Theatre is the home of this festival and offers two experiences: “The Unrepentant Necrophile”, a punk-rock musical inspired by true events and Tatawaw, a teaching roundtable to learn about the Indigenous roots of welcoming.
  5. SOUND OFF: Deaf Artists Festival is a fascinating and eye-opening performance festival bringing together deaf artists to showcase their talents and stories. These shows include “Maximine: To Clown or Not to Clown”, a one-man deaf Cirque du Soleil performer, “Deaf That!”, a cabaret-style showcase on Deaf Culture, and “Theatresports: SOUND OFF Edition”, which has Team Deaf and Team Hearing compete in the ultimate improv battle.
  6. Want to know more about the artists? The Chinook Series hosts several salons that offer an opportunity for both artists and art appreciators can gather and talk! These salons include “Evolution or Extinction: Alberta’s Dance Community”, “Stage Fright”, and “State of the Union: Deaf Theatre in Canada”.
  7. If you want to get involved, why not try a workshop? BAM will be hosting a series of five different workshops to engage in a healing conversation about Black life, “You Move Me” is a workshop offering new tools to develop patterns and connections in your body, and “Communication without Words” is a fun and engaging introduction to physical theatre from the Deaf experience.

With so many shows and experiences, beat the heat and take part in the #2hotweeks of Chinook Series!




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