Art Gallery of Alberta

Do you know that the Art Gallery has more to offer than art?

Even with the amazing galleries open to the public, including a fascinating gallery called Undaunted, featuring Canadian women painters from the 19th Century, there are more opportunities to experience art and be creative!

For all Alberta post-secondary students (with valid ID), youth 17 and under, and AGA members, admission to the museum is free! During the All Access evenings, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5-8pm, admission is also free so if you haven’t seen the wonderful exhibits, there are plenty of opportunities to do so!

For the adults in the crowd, every Wednesday evening the Gallery hosts Drop-In Adult Classes, where you can learn fascinating creative skills like abstract painting, plaster art, and textured collagraphy! Every week has a different event with a new technique so if your goal this year is to try something new… why not try a drop-in class?

Want to experience the art but after hours? Take part in Refinery, an AGA event where you dress up, eat and drink to your heart’s content, dance, and can visit all the beauty the galleries have to offer, without worrying about the regular crowds. The theme for the upcoming Refinery is Material World and they are taking regular trash and turning it into treasure. You can dress up to match the theme or just come and take part! I attended Refinery last Halloween and had a blast. I loved all of the interactive arts & crafts and walking through the gallery at night, enjoying some fine wine.

If you want to experience some more amazing opportunities, check out the What’s Happening page on the Art Gallery website. There are so many other events you can check out and experience at our local art gallery!!


Featured Image: Alberta Gallery of Alberta website

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