Pyretic Productions: Blood of our Soil

“[Blood of Our Soil] is the most powerful presentation that I have seen of the long history of travesties that the people of Ukraine have suffered from the time of Stalin through Hitler and now under Putin.”

– Linda Duncan, MP Edmonton-Strathcona, House of Commons March 20, 2017

Amazing production design by Stephanie Bahniuk (@sbahniuk)

Of all of the amazing and transformative productions I have seen this year, Blood of our Soil brought something new to the table. With an elegant flow from historical challenges to current struggles, the story of Hania, a young Canadian who travels to Ukraine, is both timeless and relevant.


The production beautifully blends projection, music, and storytelling to create a unique show that is worth experiencing. Inspired by actual events, the story follows Hania as she discovers more information about the life and struggles of her Baba (Ukrainian for grandmother) emigrating from Ukraine and takes her own journey to Ukraine to learn and experience her ancestral homeland.

In October of 2017, Lianna Makuch (playwright), Patrick Lundeen (director), and Matthew MacKenzie (dramaturg) travelled to Ukraine to document and explore the truth of Lianna’s grandparents’ ancestral villages and the lives of those living in Eastern Ukraine. These interviews and experiences developed into the rich production that is Blood of our Soil. Pictured below are some of the photographs taken during their journey, which was graciously provided by Pyretic Productions.


Along with an amazing lobby installation (featured below) offering rich historical insights on the history of Ukraine, this is a truly homegrown piece of art that deserves to be supported and experienced.

“Blood of our Soil” is a gorgeous story of love, of dignity, and of the indelible human spirit.



Due to popular demand, the show has been extended until March 10th so make sure you take the time to see the World Premiere of “Blood of our Soil” before it is gone. Check out more information about the show on the Pyretic Production website and buy tickets through the Fringe website!

Featured Image Credit: Mat Simpson (@mat.simpson)

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